Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Now Condi Claims We Are Pulling Out of Iraq!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After attacking Democratic war hero, Murtha, a severely wounded Bush retreats. Today, Condi decides we will pull out troops because we have Iraq under control. That is, only 200+ Iraqis and 20 Americans were blown up last week. Victory!
Sieg Heil, Hitler won Stalingrad!

From Yahoo:
The United States may not need the number of troops it has in Iraq "all that much longer," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said amid reports the Pentagon may pull back three combat brigades.

With political pressure building on U.S. President George W. Bush to shift course in Iraq, U.S. officials are trying to reassure Americans that sufficient progress is being made in training Iraqi forces to possibly permit some U.S. troops to leave.

"I suspect that American forces are not going to be needed in the numbers that they're there for all that much longer, because Iraqis are continuing to make progress in function, not just in numbers, but in their capabilities to do certain functions," Rice told CNN on Tuesday.
Desperately, we are trying to install Saddam Program 2.0. It is full of bugs. We don't care, the program can crash and burn since we will be using a different computation system. It will show us in victory, haha!

Of course, not even dictators can conduct imperial wars in the teeth of vast popular disapproval! They suffer either assassination or coups. The 9/11 propaganda isn't working its wonders anymore because too many people are wondering if maybe they were duped by PNAC and the neocons who show utter indifference to the deaths of Americans in pretty much all circumstances. The real eye-opener was the hurricanes. Even now, today, at Thanksgiving, the neocons begrudge giving any aid at all to the many refugees of these hurricanes. They wanted to toss them into the street just before Christmas!

Jesus loves me!

Well. Merry Christmas and all that rot. Bush knows he broke many laws in this war of his. The revelations about him trying to conspire with Blair to bomb Quatar so he could murder al Jazeera reporters is just one of many indications that Bush is a pathological psychopath.From Al Jazeera:

The five-page transcript of a conversation between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair reveals that Blair talked Bush out of launching a military strike on the station, unnamed sources told the daily.

The transcript of the pair's talks during Blair's 16 April 2004 visit to Washington allegedly shows Bush wanted to attack the satellite channel's headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

Blair allegedly feared such a strike, in the capital of Qatar, a key Western ally in the Gulf, would spark revenge attacks.

Aljazeera has said in a news statement that it is investigating the report and urged the US and British governments to challenge it.

A British civil servant has been charged under the Official Secrets Act for allegedly leaking the government memo.
Bush and Blair, the Corsican Twins of War Crimes, claim they bonded because of Jesus. The fact that Blair had to plead with Bush to not commit even more crimes shows what sort of demented god bonds them and I would suggest it was the Devil that is Death and the bond is Carlyle. Namely, when Bush stole the White House, he summoned Blair and showed him all the riches that would be his if he only obeys Bush and ignores his own people.

Blair is as unpopular as Bush. Because Britain has a three party system, he got away with remaining in power by only one third of the populace. This is not good. Instead of building coalitions, his own party is now voting against him and in the next six months, he will propably be forced down.

Here in America, ditto. Bush is trying to brush off this latest example of his criminal mind at work by pretending he was only joking! Like Reagan "joking" about nuking Russia, the fact that Americans sit here and drool while their bloody rulers make merrry about murder should stop for once and all our delusions of being "good guys."

The real reason why Condi and Bush and their ilk are suddenly changing direction is very simple: we ran out of money. As my blog has detailed over and over, the sea of red ink unleashed by these psychopaths is now up to our chins and we are about to drown. We cannot afford this war. We can't rebuild New Orleans or prepare for the next massive wall of future hurricanes much less the inevitable blow out of the San Andreas. Mt. St. Helen's belched some more yesterday. She is a harbinger for volcanos and great quakes work in tandem. In a five year timeframe, they bounce off of each other. For example, the Great New Madrid Quake was followed by Mt. Tamboor blowing up and this caused a terrifically cold year, no summer up in upstate NY, it was a deadly five years.

Bush, in a panic, has tapped the national oil reserves. This has brought down the price of oil but in return, he has given the oil giants huge tax breaks. Now the American owned auto industry is dying. We think we can attract Japanese and German auto makers here by telling them our workers will work cheaper than Germans and Japanese workers who supposedly lost WWII. We will be on our knees begging them both to save us from becoming peasants. What a sight.

Stocks shot up this week because so far, whenever America killed off unions or destroyed workers at home, we got "richer" because our enemies would extend more and more credit for us to spend. This made us feel really good. So when the news that one of our very last industries was being butchered hit and GM and Ford announced they would ditch all workers into the abyss, this caused false joy. As if the now poor workers will go on shopping sprees at Christmas!

The Dow Jones should change their classification of businesses. Namely, call them Import Companies. We can track how well this importation is going and each time the trade deficit widens, Americans can celebrate by popping French champagne.

Of course, we are dying. We don't know what to do. Well, this is going to bite back no matter who we arrest or impeach.

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