Saturday, November 26, 2005

Times Union Publishes My Letter

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I used to write lots of letters to the editor. Got published a lot, too, until 9/11. Then no matter what the topic, my letters were rejected across the board. Now, this last year, I started to pester the media again on occassion and so far have a 100% publish rate. Not that there are three a week like in the Clinton years. I recommend all my readers write short letters to the editor, they can't tolerate anything longer than two short paragraphs. Already, my intro is longer than most letters...! Meanwhile, the GOP tries to get through more tax cuts, a disaster if there ever was one.

From the Times Union, Albany, NY:
With $200B misspent, Iraq will only get worse

First published: Saturday, November 26, 2005
I don't care if all the soldiers we sent to Iraq love being there. We are going bankrupt keeping them there.
Already, we have misspent more than $200 billion on this ridiculous war. We have vastly strengthened al-Qaida and the Islamic jihadists. Congress is madly cutting school programs and loans in America, so soldiers can sit in Iraq. Medical care, housing and social services are all slated to be slashed, so soldiers can Humvee around Baghdad.

This wasteful war is decimating life in America. It is going to get worse and worse, the more this red ink flows.


Already, I got one obscene picture email concerning this. Rape, of course. Ta-da dear right wingers! Guy too scared to fight in Iraq, of course. Too scared to meet me face to face, boo. Got nice emails, too. Seems I am not the only soul in America alarmed at the high expense of this war.

So what is Congress doing today? From the NYT:
Republicans of all stripes want to cut taxes, but rarely have they been in so much disarray about whose to cut.

If House Republicans and President Bush have their way, more than half of tax reductions over the next five years will go to the top 1 percent of households, those with average incomes of $1.1 million.

House leaders are pushing a $63-billion tax-cutting package that would extend President Bush's tax cut on stock dividends, protect oil companies from a windfall profits tax and shield people caught using illegal tax shelters.

The Republican-controlled Senate, by contrast, has passed a bill that would cut taxes by $59 billion but ignore Mr. Bush's top priority, and that contains two other provisions that have provoked his wrath.

The Senate bill omits an extension of Mr. Bush's tax cuts for stock dividends and capital gains, which are to expire at the end of 2008.

Instead, almost half of the bill is devoted to shielding middle-income and upper-income families from the alternative minimum tax.
All the damn bills are for the upper 20% of America. It is just the far right wing one is for the upper 1% and the other, more liberal one spreads it to the white suburban minimansion class. Whoopee. The financial squeeze on the lower 80% of America is being dealt with via cuts to student aid, school funds, foodstamps and medicine. Isn't this charming? Even as we slid over the $8 trillion red ink marker towards the dead zone of bankruptcy, Congress passes tax cuts and gives themselves pay raises and loads on the pork. All government systems outside of death machines and graft are being starved to death. Meanwhile, we are told to frantically shop for foreign goods because this is an "economy."

This idea that we can't afford our government even as we expand our war machine's money eating, cutting taxes so we can feel richer even as we go poorer is like using credit cards to buy food and pay the mortgage.

No! No...Absolutely no. This leads to bankruptcy. The party is over, dudes. We lost the war. We lost our industrial base. We lost our minds.

Time to go cold turkey.

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