Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bush's Staff Lies About His Reading Books

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

They lie all the time and they particularily like to lie about trivial things. Everyone knows Bush can barely read 3x5 cards. He even admits to barely scanning headlines. Yet he has his servants issue rank lies about him reading books for fun and to learn something.

From the Waco Tribune
Read nothing into President Bush's current choice in books, the White House says.

The president is reading "When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House," but presidential spokesman Trent Duffy said Bush is not thinking about his post-Oval Office days.

"He is an avid reader and the president knows full well that he's got a lot of time left in this second term and he's going accomplish big things," Duffy said here Tuesday where Bush is relaxing between Christmas and New Year's.
They think they are so cute with the "read nothing into this..." crap.

And the stuff about him reading, "Imperial Grunt." I would suppose he thinks this is about a fat little piggy eating at the emperor's trough, a Halliburton hog fable? If this idiot wanted to find out what a grunt goes through fighting, he should have volunteered during the war in Nam like so many Democrats did. But no. He even said, he didn't want to get muddy, the little baby.

Why he issues these lies baffles me. I doubt his mother believed him when he pretended to read, holding the book upside down. By the way he talks, I doubt he read even the comix.

American youth is reading less and less. Functional illiteracy or rather, reading minimalizm is sweeping our culture just like it did in ancient Rome after the empire reached its zenith. There must be some sort of connection here for I always wondered why reading petered out in ancient Rome but then, see here! Language is debased daily as our media and many authors openly lie, openly misuse words and concepts in a frantic attempt to con people into doing things that are dangerous or bad for them.

Since businesses want customers who can't read the big print much less the fine print, our business leaders always urge us to get more education, to be more and more literate yet at the same time, they absolutely hate to deal with a literate, aware customer so they conspire along with others to keep everyone dumbed down. This is true of any dictatorship, when they desperately try to get their youth interested in education only to try to get them uninterested in thinking for themselves. This is why all rulers keep a wary eye on the schools and campuses.

Bush, like several famous emperors who were born into the office and took over very young, knows he doesn't have to master any skills to be a ruler, just issue orders and wishes and bingo! Everything goes his way. So why extend the mind? After all, he just has to summon a courtier or servant and have them explain everything and then cease when he waves his hand. This is why this incurious, stupid man could claim he read "Issac's Storm" which is all about the disasterous Galveston hurricane 100 years ago but when the identical hurricane hit in reality, claim he had no idea it would be bad, would kill thousands, would flood New Orleans.

I read the book which is why I sounded repeated alarms about Katrina before it hit. Maybe Bush should try reading my blog. Har.
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