Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cheney in NY Lying about 9/11 and Bush Tries Speechifying in DC

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Both Bush and Cheney are desperately trying the same, tired, stupid, obvious lies, a stereoptic blind vision. Bush can't make any speeches after 12 noon because he is incapable of walking or being coherent, I am assuming. Cheney is like that 24/7 so it doesn't matter much when he speaks. He is near my mountain but I couldn't talk to him because he didn't let any citizens anywhere near his military base, the only places he can appear in public these days.

From the Guardian:
Cheney argued differently.

``Some have suggested by liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein we simply stirred up a hornet's nest. They overlook a fundamental fact: We were not in Iraq in September 2001 and the terrorists hit us anyway.''

If the U.S. suddenly pulled out of Iraq, ``that nation would return to the rule of tyrants, become a massive source of instability in the Middle East and be a staging area for ever greater attacks against America and other civilized nations,'' the vice president said.
OK, we all know logic has no place in the Cheney/Bush space/time continuum but this is just ridiculous. Cheney was even forced at sword point to admit that Saddam had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 yet time and again, he regurgitates this lie every time he comes back home to the nest with a worm in his beak. He can't let it be. It is the slender, only remaining bit left for him to hide behind.
One of the administration's harshest critics in recent weeks has been Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., a longtime hawk on military matters who now wants U.S. troops to pull out of Iraq.

Murtha suggested Tuesday that the administration was trying to justify the U.S. presence in Iraq by saying it was necessary to fight terrorism. Instead, Murtha said the problem was insurgents rebelling against the U.S. presence and U.S.-backed government.

``When you fight an insurgency, you have to win the hearts and minds of the (Iraqi) people, and we've lost the hearts and minds of the people,'' Murtha told NBC's ``Today'' show. Once the U.S. withdraws from Iraq, he said, the Iraqis themselves would take care of terrorist groups.
As my previous article details, we can see on the video, little boys throwing rocks at our occupying forces. They hate us. Very, very much. And for obvious good reasons!

Bush is trying his hand at speechifying. Watching him try to pull his foot out of his mouth over and over again can be amusing if one is Saddam. For Americans, it is beyond embarrassing. It is disgusting.

Hook him off the world stage! From the Washington Post:

President Bush will deliver the second in a series of four speeches on his Iraq strategy tomorrow in Washington to several hundred members of the Council on Foreign Relations -- an august group of scholars, policymakers and journalists whose Web site is an Internet hotspot for intellectual foment about foreign policy in general and Iraq in particular.

But rather than probe the group's expertise or even respond to its concerns, Bush is just using it as a backdrop.

In a sharp break with the council's own traditions, Bush is being allowed to speak -- for 50 minutes -- then leave without taking any questions.

"Obviously, we strongly suggested -- certainly made the case -- that it would be in the interest of the president and in the interest of our membership that the president take questions," council vice president for communications Lisa Shields told me this morning.
Fifty minutes of him desperately trying to regurgitate the wormy talking points his female aides have hammered into his besotted mind. Oh, what joy. I feel this is just punishment for the stupid idiots in attendance to suffer. Nearly all of them are imperialist pigs, oinking away at various feedlots like the Hudson Institute, Princeton or Yale or PNAC.

Imagine asking Bush questions. "How many beers do you drink before 4pm?" could be a great opener. "Since you want to stay the course, why can't you stay in Iraq until you succeed? And don't come back." How about, "What is 2+2?" or "How many fingers am I holding up?" Then we can see a cage filled with rats strapped to his head? Maybe that will wake him up.

The farce of having a "president" who can't give speeches or answer even childish questions is grounds for impeachment. Impeach Bush now! Impeach the entire GOP for foisting this fake upon America. And ship all their spawn to Iraq to fight. Serves them right.

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