Monday, December 19, 2005

Citizens Seeking Information About Foreign Lobbyists Are Stopped By Justice Department Lies

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As America becomes more and more unconstitutional and capricious, citizens who still believe in democracy struggle to force out vital information as per the Constitution. One group wants information about foreign lobbyists. The malfunctional Justice Department claims, copying the data from the computers will crash the system so it has to remain hidden.

From Fox News:

The Bush administration is offering a novel reason for denying a request seeking the Justice Department's database on foreign lobbyists (search): Copying the information would bring down the computer system.

"Implementing such a request risks a crash that cannot be fixed and could result in a major loss of data, which would be devastating," wrote Thomas J. McIntyre, chief in the Justice Department's (search) office for information requests.

Advocates for open government said the government's assertion that it could not copy data from its computers was unprecedented but representative of generally negative responses to Freedom of Information Act (search) requests.

"This was a new one on us. We weren't aware there were databases that could be destroyed just by copying them," Bob Williams of the Center for Public Integrity said Tuesday. The watchdog group in Washington made the request in January. He said the group expects to appeal the Justice Department's decision.
And the dog will eat it, too! Wah! Again and again, the Bubble Boy administration comes up with some of the oldest, tiredest excuses. Obviously, their mommies were monumentally dumb since they really believe such twaddle will pass muster.

This is an overall characteristic of the juvenile delinquents running our country. Of course, the real reason this data can't be accessed and I am very interested in it, is because our government is riddled with traitors. The entire Bush clan works for foreign govenments or people like the Korean tax dodger, Rev. Moon. Much of the Republican party salutes another flag and ditto many Democrats.

There are many countries that stand in line in front of Americans. Note how proud the Republicans are, cutting $45+billion from aid for Americans while voting over $250 billion in aid to Iraq! Our ambassador to Iraq isn't a native to America and just like so many people working in our government, he has other priorities. This whole system owned by outsiders and run by dual or hidden citizens of other nations, has taken over our country and the results are obvious.

Not one foreigner runs Japan and note that Japan has a trade surplus with the world and has many levels of support systems for their own people and very jealously guard the borders, not allowing much immigration or integration or anything to ooze past the vigilant guardians. They will conspire with the gan jin and do business with them but they always put Japan first.

The Chinese are struggling with double agents and corrupt officials and people selling China to the highest bidder and their tool is to execute by firing squad those who are caught. The country always teeters on the edge of violence due to this, the rulers know they have to patrol themselves or be killed by enraged mobs. So they keep a nervous eye on the greater masses who are just beginning to feel some sort of patriotism.

In America, it is rotted to the core by our donning of the British Imperial robes. We allow any and all to come here and then hand over our government to them and they, in turn, exclude Americans born of several generations. The Bushes have been here for a long time but they have opened the floodgates because they know these people will cling to them since the broader American public might rend them to shreds if they have any inkling about the depth and breadth of the external corruption.

Pictures of Bush and the Saudi Princes literally holding hands and kissing doesn't yet motivate the average "America First" right wingers into fury but then, they too, are traitors, eager to sell fellow Americans down the river. They and the Bushes have conspired to drive us all so deep into public debt that we must go to China and Japan for our money to run our goverment and if this isn't really the highest level of rank corruption, totally traitorous, I am puzzled.

Owing vast oceans of money to other imperial powers is no way for an empire to stay alive. And why is America an empire? And why do we financially support first world nations like all of Europe, much of the Middle East, Japan, Korea? If this isn't the definition of insane, I don't know what is!

Japan can't pay for our military simply because then they own it and by the way, they do own it just like Saudi Arabia owns part of our military and Israel does as well as all of the former Soviet States, we pay THEM to "protect" them and the question is, why and what?

Let's pretend there is a Muslim empire. Why would that harm us? We live over here, not there. Africa should stop being a collection of tiny, despotic states and be united as one empire, or two. Then they might have some clout! Instead of 50 or so states, they need to be turned into one if they want to compete for world resources and have some power over their own fates. Europe, belatedly, is trying this in a very inept way, this is why they are torn between sucking the American empire dry and trying to become a loose empire themselves.

Since America allows foreigners to run our affairs and slant our government into allowing parasitical relationships with a host of nations, we are going bankrupt. All our systems are now screaming in the red, the red zone is rapidly rising to full alarm status and this is because we have riddled our system with foreign influence to a degree it is becoming like New Orleans after the levees collapsed: even the cops are running into undefended stores and looting!

The loot is shared with our politicians who need endless money to pay foreign powers or people who have an agenda for other nations who have bought up and now run our media, to run lies and dirt for them. In other words, to collude with media owners who think America is Number Two, the politicians have to go to foreigners for money to hand over to the corrupt media owners.

And so the looting continues.

All this is being put on our tab. We will have to live in misery in the future to pay for all this. The red ink matters. Our trade deficit isn't due to business. Otherwise, Japan would have a huge trade deficit with places like China and they do not! Our entire mess is due to allowing money to corrupt democracy, to make people pay for appearing on TV and allowing hostile entities to dominate our airwaves.

Of course, fixing this will be hard. Anyone suggesting the media stop charging an arm and leg for commercials or to give equal time will cause them all to unite to attack whoever suggests this. They love McCain because he is a fake reformer who takes the heat off of them with his inept, remember he also took money from lobbyists who were corrupt!--Think "Japan"---and he is perfect for them, the fake reformer supporting inane reforms.

These people wave our flag in front of our faces whenever anyone questions them. But just like Homeland Security's boss, an Israeli Firster, they can't wait to drop the Stars and Stripes and don their much more beloved flags.

This has been a problem since the founding of America. We wanted immigration and we have it and it has made us very strong. But the danger of allowing foreigners to run our foreign affairs is now painfully obvious. I was trained in other languages and my parents lived abroad a lot over the years. They understood we needed to learn and understand other nations in order to work with them. But the lazy way is to simply hire foreigners and this is what our nation has been doing. Instead of encouraging people here to learn languages and expand horizons, we are doing the opposite. Language instruction is collapsing here. And when filling embassy positions, we simply hire foreigners to build them, run them and even be the ambassadors.

And so it goes. Like all other empires, we head down the same steep slope.

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