Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Video of Angry Iraqi Children Ambushing Oil Thieves (Americans)

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I came across this video of a truck driver in Iraq cussing and talking murderously, demanding the military machinegun small children who line the roads where he drives his truck filled with oil we are stealing. He wants to kill all of them so they will leave us alone as we take everything for ourselves. This is proof we have lost the hearts and minds of ordinary Iraqis and no wonder! Thieves are seldom beloved by those they steal from!

From Compfused: click here to see video
Sigh. We tried in vain to trick the smaller children into loving us by handing out toys and candy, corrupting them, making an end-run around their parents. I know that if some strange men with guns and cannons were to call over my children so they can lure them with candy, I would be very angry. This is also the modus operandi of child molestors. In this case, we are molesting Iraq and to do this, we need to alienate children from their mothers and be a sugar daddy to them.

Indeed, I had strict rules for my children to never ever accept candy or toys from strangers! Duh!

So here we are, three years into our occupation of a country we have no right to invade in the first place and now even the smallest children hate us heartily. It is very impressive, the number of small children, all it appears, under the age of 11, that line the highway to ambush the convoys by throwing rocks and other items. It isn't one or two but dozens in just a few minutes of video. Evidently, according to the foul mouthed driver, this is incessant now, at all times, he is pelted and he cannot understand why he is one of the most hated men in Iraq and why the populace would gladly rip him to shreds and dance on his corpse.

As we all recall, we were assured that all of Iraq would celebrate our arrival and would assist us in looting Iraq and would give us whatever we wanted, like the genie in Alladin's lamp stories.

I remember the propaganda surrounding the pulling down of Saddam's statue. A tiny crew, some of whom were bussed in from America and England, tried feebly to topple it. Then the Americans stepped in, sneering and jeering, and pulled it down. Our troops placed an American flag on the face of Saddam's statue only to be told by the political operative running the show to can it. Too late.

I could tell this was a farce without the al Jazeera film showing the empty square that all the American TV stations neglected to show, they being greater liars than Bagdad Bob. Shameless, the media presented the happy picture of Iraqis loving us.

Well, this can't even be faked anymore.

Now we learn the Pentagon lied about the soldiers who were blown up. Of course, they with held the information until after firing a missile into a village in Pakistan and then announcing we killed the eternally #3 al Qaeda genius/leader, always and forever #3! Then we amended it to "top" al Qaeda and now we are fending off accusations we actually killed some small boys. But for a few hours, Bush could puff up his birdie chest and trumped "Victory in Iraq!" even though that has nothing to do with anything sane.

So here we go, our troops that were blown up were holding a little party in an abandoned flour factory (note the missing jobs!) and one stepped on a booby trap set for them. They were not on patrol. The Pentagon lied because it would mess up the fake story about how the troops we are training in Iraq are going to make things better so our contractors and mercenaries and drive off in oil trucks while dead children can't stop them.

Gads. Someone stop this nightmare, please. It is destroying America. Speaking of witches, Condi's demands Europe shut up about our totally illegal CIA torture flights has been pretty smartly slapped down by European media who don't bay at the moon for her no matter how she snaps her tiny whip.

Time to put this cow out to pasture.

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