Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blair Intimidates Newsmedia But Not Bloggers Who Run Uzbekistan Tortur

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The media mythology always has been that they need to "scoop" each other and this is why the news always comes out, they are in such a rush to publish or put it on TV. This fairytale is hogwash, of course. Again and again, we bloggers online have to shove hard as hell to force the media to cough up the news. Here is yet another example of this: the torture story out of Uzbekistan.

From Yahoo:
A former British ambassador has published government documents he says prove that Britain knowingly received intelligence extracted under torture from prisoners in Uzbekistan.

Craig Murray, who was removed as ambassador to Uzbekistan after going public about his concerns, defied a Foreign Office ban to publish the internal memos on his Web site Friday. The documents include memos to Foreign Office chiefs in which Murray expressed his concern over the use of "torture material."

In one memo, Murray said he was told by Foreign Office legal adviser Sir Michael Wood that it was not illegal to use information acquired by torture, except in legal proceedings. Intelligence officer Matthew Kydd had also told him the intelligence services sometimes found such material "very useful indeed, with a direct bearing on the war on terror," he said.
It used to be, when the mainstream media finally was shoved and dragged by us bloggers into covering obviously important stories, they would moan and groan about how we need blogger ethics and how unreliable we all were and how we didn't understand what real news is (missing white women and celebrity divorces, of course!) and etcetera.

Not only was this story news, it is important news. The memo where Sir Michael "Boil them in oil" Wood blandly states that yes, it is illegal to torture but hey, it could be useful. "Ve haff vays off making you talk," is very popular in despotic regimes, right? Remember all those WWII movies where the Allies tortured people we captured? No?

Um, geeze. I do believe that doing this makes one the bad guy except today, in movies, the good guy tortures, murders, runs amok and doesn't follow any civilized finesse, does he?

Like the Downing Street memos, we bloggers single handedly (actually, a thousand bloggers pushing very hard!) forced the media to pay attention. This forces politicians to pay attention and say something or even force a prosecutor to go after criminal actions done by our rulers.

This is why they hate bloggers on the left. Right wing bloggers work for the rulers. This is why any yapping on their part instantly comes into the media. And they are petted and praised and even the, "Oh my, aren't you SOOOO much more effective than those unethical, annoying liberal bloggers!" stories show up time to time, most recently in Time magazine where they tell us sneeringly that we are so uneffective, why don't we imitate the right wingloons!

Well, they ain't pushing stories the media owners and their co-conspiritors, the men in power, are pushing!

And push we do, magnificently, thanks entirely to our many readers who faithfully read so many liberal bloggers and who are the real fuel that keeps all of this going, this budding experiment in real democracy, real news in real time by real people!

I love other leftist bloggers and there are now so many, it is impossible to keep up but I wish I could read all of them every day but then, I wouldn't have time to write, myself. But do remember, it is all of us together that matters and if 10,000 blogs carry these important stories this means 1,000,000 people will read and 100,000,000 will learn the real news as we force the mainstream media to tell the truth.

Onwards and upwards! Go, team!
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Friday, December 30, 2005

Tropical Storm Zeta Forms Right On Cusp Of New Year

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Zeta is born. Record hurricane season continues unabated even as record warmth along with brush fires in the Midwest and giant waves from the huge weather system in the Pacific pounds the West Coast, the changes caused by global warming are now catastrophically obvious.

From Yahoo:
Tropical Storm Zeta formed Friday in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, another installment in a record-breaking hurricane season that officially ended last month.

Zeta, the 27th storm of the season, formed Friday about 1,000 miles south-southwest of the Azores islands, according to an advisory posted on the National Hurricane Center's Web site. It posed no immediate threat to land.

The center said it would send out a full advisory later Friday. Tropical storms have winds of at least 39 mph.

It was not immediately known if Dec. 30 was the latest date for the formation of a tropical storm in the Atlantic. But earlier this month, Hurricane Epsilon became only the fifth hurricane to form in December in 154 years of record-keeping. Hurricanes form when their winds exceed 74 mph.
Will the earth have hurricanes year round now? This is a serious querry. Building stuff in Florida and the Gulf at a frantic rate, all this can be undone forever by raging hurricanes. Unlike New England, Florida is flat as flat can be. On top of that, the ocean rising will swamp much of Florida, too.

New Orleans is doomed. You can't spend all our wealth on building in that obviously inadequet zone, not if we can spend our treasury on more important things, not that this matters while we are wasting over $200 billion+ on the stupid war in Iraq!

But this has to be considered! The drought/flood cycle is a disaster for all of us. I see signs of it up here in the Northeast, we usually have the evenest rain pattern in America. Same number of inches of moisture a month, up until the last 20 years! Now, that too, is destabilized.

KSBW Channel:
The latest storm along the Central Coast stirred up big, pounding waves along the Central Coast Wednesday.
The wind-whipped waves didn't cause any major flooding but did fall close to beach businesses on the Capitola Esplanade. Sandbags were kept close at hand but weren't needed, and some people came down to the coast just to watch the high surf.
"The water was coming up to the windows. That was something to be concerned about. I'm going to get the storm shutters today. I think it's time," said Zelda's Restaurant owner Ed Leipelt.
I have surfed in California and looking at the pictures of the waves brought back memories! The earlier waves were perfect surfing but it seems today, they are rougher and less even, no classic, glass-clear curl. Storm waves can really pound you into the sand!

At one of my old haunts, Manhattan/Venice beach, they had to berm the sand to prevent flooding and are handing out sandbags and there are the usual mudslides but then, we should talk! We had them up here, too, in Vermont, this week due to rain! Rain in northern Vermont after Xmas?

Ye gads.

Because I farm or have worked outdoors much of my life, I am hyper aware of the weather and look at today's map! This isn't a winter map! It is a Spring map. The storms are all moving south to north! There is snow, but it isn't sweeping down from the north, it is always part of a huge rain system that finally reached cold air. This is why all our snow storms this year have been half rain or more than half rain which makes my mountain very, very slippery. Already, many trees have been damaged from the ice when the storms transit from rain to snow. These are the most dangerous of storms.

Several years ago, much of Great Lakes Canada had so much ice on the lines, the huge power pylons collapsed. Electrical linesmen from my community had to move up into Canada for three months to rewire the place! Just this week on TV, we watched the damage from icestorms in the south cause trees to collapse on houses.

This isn't normal. I assure you, it isn't.

Meanwhile, back to watching Bush's massive planetary/economic/legal trainwreck. Gotterdammeridiot time.
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White House Anxious To Find Out Who Revealed Illegal Wiretapping and Spying

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Gonzales, when not defending torture and while goofing around Karl Rove, leaker of all leakers of classified information, is now suddenly anxious to intimidate all government employees to keep them from leaking information vital to our democracy. Spying on Americans without warrant is 100% illegal since day one in the USA. Got that, Gonzales?

From Yahoo:
The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified information about President Bush's secret domestic spying program.

The inquiry focuses on disclosures to The New York Times about warrantless surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, officials said.

The Times revealed the existence of the program two weeks ago in a front-page story that acknowledged the news had been withheld from publication for a year, partly at the request of the administration and partly because the newspaper wanted more time to confirm various aspects of the program.

White House spokesman Trent Duffy said Justice undertook the action on its own, and the president was informed of it on Friday.
This has got to be the goofiest investigation yet. After all, Bush has known about the leak for an entire year! A year! Besides, and I wish the media would get this right but they won't, leaking information about illegal actions in our government is a good thing protected by "whistle-blower" laws! If one knows the President is breaking the law and hides it, they are then co-conspiritors! This means, criminals.

Of course, Bush is no stranger to handcuffs. He was often caught by the cops only to be let loose again by daddy's buddies in the system. But he has a long record of being a criminal mind who believes laws are to be flaunted.

Therefore, arrest Bush again! And this time, don't let him out on bail!

Speaking about illegal stuff, the torture allegations are growing apace. The web is all abuzz over the letters/cables published by whistle-blower from England, former amassador to Uzbekistan, home of cooking victims of the state in cauldrons, he took this "classified" information and made it public on the web and dared Blair to arrest him. Since the mainstream media didn't want to tangle with the dictator of Downing Street, he had the charming idea of letting us bloggers disseminate the information which is here: Craig Murry's webpage.

It is important reading. For one problem with many of Bush's prosecutions (persecutions) is it is illegal both in the Geneva Conventions and the good old scrap of paper called the Constitution, to use information gathered from torture in trials. Already, some lawyers are filling protests in court over this. Obviously, our war on terror is trembling on the edge of collapse and is falling faster than the WTC.

The forgotten war in Afghanistan roars on, two more soldiers blown up there today. In Iraq, the attacks on the oil refineries has nearly shut down the country which seeths with fundamentalist rage.

Meanwhile, the Valerie Plame affair continues to churn onwards with Fitzgerald hauling sundry neo-cons and con-men before his Grand Jury. And Watergate bigwig, John Dean, pipes up to remind us why Nixon was forced out of office. From Writnews:
On Friday, December 16, the New York Times published a major scoop by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau: They reported that Bush authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on Americans without warrants, ignoring the procedures of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

It was a long story loaded with astonishing information of lawbreaking at the White House. It reported that sometime in 2002, Bush issued an executive order authorizing NSA to track and intercept international telephone and/or email exchanges coming into, or out of, the U.S. - when one party was believed to have direct or indirect ties with al Qaeda.

Initially, Bush and the White House stonewalled, neither confirming nor denying the president had ignored the law. Bush refused to discuss it in his interview with Jim Lehrer.

Then, on Saturday, December 17, in his radio broadcast, Bush admitted that the New York Times was correct - and thus conceded he had committed an impeachable offense.

There can be no serious question that warrantless wiretapping, in violation of the law, is impeachable. After all, Nixon was charged in Article II of his bill of impeachment with illegal wiretapping for what he, too, claimed were national security reasons.
Yup. Bush admitted to committing a crime and is unrepentant and has unleashed his baying hounds in the media to scream that this is OK. Arrest him. Put him in the pokey. Send him to Uzbekistan. Send him to Bagdad where he can stand trial with Saddam. Heck, send him to Mars. He did say he wanted to go there.
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Read the Invasion Plans for Canada--Part of Many War Plans

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Pentagon keeps on file an array of war plans for every contingency. Since we have clashed with both Mexico and Canada repeatedly in the past, it is no surprize to learn that we still make plans for future possible clashes. This is to be taken very seriously by our neighbors who have natural resources we might want to appropriate for the Vaterland.

From the Washington Post:
Invading Canada won't be like invading Iraq: When we invade Canada, nobody will be able to grumble that we didn't have a plan.

The United States government does have a plan to invade Canada. It's a 94-page document called "Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan -- Red," with the word SECRET stamped on the cover. It's a bold plan, a bodacious plan, a step-by-step plan to invade, seize and annex our neighbor to the north. It goes like this:
The Canadians can retaliate simply by refusing to speak English (smiling). Let the people in Montreal take the brunt, they can deal with les Amerique.
It sounds like a joke but it's not. War Plan Red is real. It was drawn up and approved by the War Department in 1930, then updated in 1934 and 1935. It was declassified in 1974 and the word "SECRET" crossed out with a heavy pencil. Now it sits in a little gray box in the National Archives in College Park, available to anybody, even Canadian spies. They can photocopy it for 15 cents a page.
I have a very severe problem with secret war plans. Namely, the urge to set up a crisis so one can impliment the plans is a great temptation so rather than diplomatically dealing with the assassination of an Archduke, one just sets into motion a plan to invade the Netherlands and attack Paris, no?

No country should have secret invasion plans with allies. Period. Any ally who discovers such plans should raise a huge diplomatic row. Just like all the still secret plans for nuclear war, the populace which will bear the brunt of the violence has a right to see what sort of hideous plans the military is hatching. Especially with nuclear war!

Mexico has been invaded several times and we chopped off about half of Mexico's state territory over the years. Theoretical invasion plans aren't hyperbole with Mexico, it is a real possible threat. With Americans talking about simultaneously locking all Mexicans out of el Norte and bringing military power to bear on the border with Mexico, plus our refusal to sign the Kyoto Accords and thus, dooming Mexico to a future of increasingly desertfying conditions that will make life very tenuous there means tension between our nations will grow, not shrink.

Mexico is possibly on the verge of voting into office a populist who is friendly with the growing alliance of leftist leaders in Spanish speaking countries and our reactionary imperialism greatly resents any manifestation of popularity in our subject proto-colonies. We invest a lot in maintaining unpopular, murderous dictators down south and thanks to Spain becoming much more liberal, so do former Spanish colonies. This is why the American right wing supported Franco (and their favorite, Hitler). When Spain liberalizes, so follows all the former colonies for this is a cultural thing, a Zeitgeist matter.

The Canadians shouldn't trust the USA to be honorable and respect borders. We already made it clear, once we get international organizations to certify a country is helpless, we invade with impunity and cruel, wanton disregard for civilians. And like Iraq, Canada represents energy and water, the stuff of life itself. Two things we are destroying or eating up massively here, building our hyper bubble.

From the NYT:
Nearly 10 million gallons a day draining away in the driest state in the nation - and the fastest growing one, propelled by the demographic rocket of Las Vegas - is just one of the many strange byproducts of Nevada's tangled love affair with gold.

An extensive review of government documents and court records, and scores of interviews with scientists and present and former mine industry workers and regulators, show that an absence of federal guidelines, of the sort that are commonplace for coal or oil, allowed gold wide latitude to operate here in the rural fastness of the desert, perhaps more than any other American industry.
As my previous climatic stories show, Texas Burns and Long Range Weather and Wishful Thinking About Mother Nature, we are in a destructive pattern with a bad ending. Namely, the snows that feed the mighty rivers in the West are failing and the glaciers are disappearing so there is no year-round feed of moisture and the rivers that do exist are used up totally, the Colorado, for example, is now a sluggard trickle when it reaches Mexico, depriving Mexico of those waters, leaving them high and dry and is a source of diplomatic complaints.

Canada has lots of nice, fresh water! Since a Canadian gold mining company is destroying Nevada's water, it is logical that Americans will retaliate violently in the opposite direction! These land/resource wars are a main trigger of violent invasions since the dawn of humanity.

Now to see the secret invasion plans Japan and the USA have cooked up this last five years! You can bet, the Chinese have copies of this in a safe in Beijing.
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Treasury Sec. Snow Blizzard: We Are Out of Money, Spent Over 8 Trillion!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Treasury Sec. Snow warns us he is going to eliminate Social Security unless Congress raises the debt ceiling another trillion dollars to over $9 trillion. The GOP is spending over $500 billion a year more than we take in as taxes!

From Yahoo:
U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow warned lawmakers on Thursday that a legally set limit on the government's ability to borrow will be hit in mid-February and urged Congress to raise it quickly.

Failure to do so potentially risks throwing the country into its first default in history, Snow warned in what has become virtually an annual rite as U.S. borrowing needs spiral.

"The administration now projects that the statutory debt limit, currently $8.184 trillion, will be reached in mid-February 2006," Snow said in a letter to 21 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate released by Treasury after financial markets had closed.
They waited until dark, eh? Can't have the sheep panic and run off the cliff, can they? And they commit the crime just before New Years, betting most investors will not pay attention until after Monday!

Hahaha. Fleece time!
Snow said that Treasury, if the debt limit was not raised by then, would have to take "extraordinary actions" to keep paying its bills for everything from Social Security to national defense spending.
OK, everyone, listen very carefully: they plan to steal all the Social Security money so the baby boomers can't retire! Got that? Shall I repeat?

The plan is to work us all to death. It wasn't accidental that they ignored the screams of the dying in New Orleans. That was the IMF/NWO/WTO plan for America. That is our future. All those elderly who died? That is you and me, babe!

From the Washington Post:

As noted by recent cover stories in Newsweek and Business Week, the first of the roughly 77 million baby boomers turn 60 in 2006. J. Walker Smith of the polling firm of Yankelovich Partners told Newsweek that many boomers "think they're going to die before they get old" -- a reference to one survey in which boomers defined old age as starting around 80. Business Week asserted that fifty- and sixtysomethings consider their "middle age a new start on life" to indulge hobbies, begin new careers or remarry. These portraits of vigorous baby boomers clash with another reality: Their huge federal retirement benefits may seriously damage the economy and American politics.

Our continued unwillingness to address this disconnect counts as one of 2005's big stories. We should ask ourselves: Why? After all, the need is well known. Consider the Congressional Budget Office's just released projections. By 2030, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may cost 15 percent of national income -- almost double their level in 2000 and equal to 75 percent of today's federal budget. Left alone, these programs would require massive tax increases, cause immense deficits or crowd out other important government programs. We also know of at least partial solutions: curb costs by slowly raising eligibility ages and cutting benefits for wealthier recipients.
See? This is from a neo-nazi clown who doesn't do a stitch of real work. He bloviates and then lays about, sucking on his hookah and then reemerges to scold us about working.

These monsters are circling us like the sharks they are. They can't wait to say, triumphantly, "Well, we just had to stop the Social Security payments because there are too many of you!" and then force us to go back to work, cut medical care and in general, drive us all to an earlier grave while they live in gated communities, well fed, good doctors, full insurance, our ruling class will be oh so happy.

Well, if the average American is happy about this, it would be rather interesting to watch the much feister Chinese take over the planet since we won't deserve to run it anymore, will we?

Also, I track the data about finances and all year long, the neo nazis and Greenspan lied to everyone about financing. "The deficit is lower," they lied. They didn't say it was because of two things: all the big stuff was set "off budget" and Social Security payments were flowing in and the government was conficating them as swiftly as they came and sent them all to China and Japan!


So now we learn it wasn't really $325 billion in the red but over $500 billion in the red. As I expected. Each year under Bush and the GOP has been around $500 billion in the red and thanks to the recent huge tax cuts and corporate hand-outs, the deficit next year is going to be over $680 billion. Well, just remember, we hit $12 trillion, we die.

Yes, death. Like for real, not pretend. I would guess about 24 million American citizens will be forced into a death march. Families who have the income to prevent this will struggle to keep family members alive but quite a few people will starve/freeze/work to death. And all to pay for a stupid war in Iraq and to keep corporate America happy as they relocate overseas.

Or we can listen to the Chinese and Korean peasants. They seem to have a plan.
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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Saddam's Lawyer Offers Help--Hand Over Iraq To Saddam and He Will Let Us Run Away

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Padilla trial is coming apart at the seams, the trials of all those "terrorists" are going belly up thanks to tainted evidence gotten illegally and now we see Saddam suggesting Bush work with him instead of against him! Next: armed Sunni frees Saddam and carry him off in triumph. Grrrf.

From Yahoo::
The chief lawyer for Saddam at his trial for crimes against humanity in Baghdad told Bush that Iraqis who supported their former leader were waiting for a bold decision from the world's most powerful statesman to free him.

"I call on you ( President Bush) to release Mr. President (Saddam) immediately to allow the Iraqis to decide his fate. Only then will you get out of your predicament in Iraq and truly become an advocate of justice," Khalil Dulaimi wrote in a letter obtained by Reuters.

Such a decision would prove to be the panacea that would end Washington's woes over Iraq, Dulaimi asserted.

"Your relations with Iraq will then be historic and you will win the favor of the Arabs and Muslims and the entire world," Dulaimi said, adding that it was the only way to spare Iraq from undergoing a bloody civil war.
Seems Bush wants civil wars since he toils day and night to create this here at home! A number of American soldiers were blown up this holiday week and I suppose their families are not having a Merry Christmas nor a Happy Holiday. Bush is boning up on Imperial Warriors tripe, reading about how heroic and wonderful fighting in Vietnam was for Kerry and Gore. Well.

Life is full of irony. Why do our media owners put us through these nightmares without at least screaming, "I can't take this anymore" and dashing their heads out on a rock? Oh, the rock would shatter. They can't spatter their own brains, the cavity is empty.

From Christian Science Monitor:
Hoping to overturn a federal appeals court ruling last week, the Bush administration Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to allow the immediate transfer of accused terrorist Jose Padilla from a military prison to civilian custody. The New York Times reports that in its brief to the high court, the Justice Department called the appeals court ruling that blocked the transfer an "unwarranted attack" on presidential discretion.
Naturally, when anyone applies the Constitution to any issue, it is "attacking" AWOL Bubble Boy's discretion! He wants the courts to give him the legal trappings of a full dictator. He has joked and cackled evilly over the idea that "it would be easier if I were a dictator." Before he even took over America, he claimed the President has final say about the legality of anything!

This, November, 2000! I said back then, he should be eliminated from the vote counting because he doesn't understand our government and how it works!

Talking about dictators, Bush pulled another executive decree this week, changing the emergency military line of command so his neo-cons control everything if bin Laden heeds Bush's pleas for more attacks. From the LA Times:
Heading a military service isn't quite the position of power it used to be. In a Bush administration revision of plans for Pentagon succession in a doomsday scenario, three of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's most loyal advisers moved ahead of the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

A little-noticed holiday week executive order from President Bush moved the Pentagon's intelligence chief to the No. 3 spot in the succession hierarchy behind Rumsfeld. The second spot would be the deputy secretary of defense, but that position currently is vacant. The Army secretary, which long held the No. 3 spot, was dropped to sixth.

The changes, announced last week, are the second in six months and reflect the administration's new emphasis on intelligence gathering versus combat in 21st century war fighting.

Technically, the line of succession is assigned to specific positions, rather than the current individuals holding those jobs.
Namely, the KGB will take over the military if any attacks happen! Or rather, the SS will take over the Wehrmacht and force Rummel to commit suicide. Eh.

The 9/11 Commission was stupid if not totally evil. They thought, if we emulate Nazi Germany/Soviet Russia, we would then twart all attacks. The real question, why the hell did the Pentagon snooze away the morning of the attacks is something Rumsfeld could explain only he won't.

He wasn't fired, either. Nor was a single neo-con, for that matter. It is amazing we got Brownie to resign from FEMA after killing fewer Americans than Rummy. Seems he lost the "let Americans die" competition?

Well, just remember, these clowns are planning for WWIII and this latest paper along with creating Norcom which is the agency which will take over the country is we win any elections, is just another brick in the neo-con wall. Next, they plan on building walls around America, too.

After Saddam pulls them out of Iraq.
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Chinese Rulers Fear Peasant Power, Vote End to Farm Taxes!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Chinese government just removed all farm taxes! First time in 2,600 long years, the yoke of paying for the ruling class has fallen on the shoulders of the mass of toiling peasants. Fearful of uprising, the government has decided to address the income disparity of farm vs industry. I pay a lot of taxes on my farmland....hmm.

From Xinhuanet:
China's 2,600-year-old agricultural tax will be rescinded as of Jan. 1, 2006, after China's top legislature voted on Thursday to adopt a motion on the regulations revoking the agricultural tax.

The motion with only 94 Chinese characters was voted favorably by 162 lawmakers and abstained by one.

Wan Baorui, former vice minister of agriculture and vice chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of National People's Congress told Xinhua that the abolition of the agricultural tax demonstrates that industry has outgrown agriculture to some extent along with the country's economic development. And the country ushers into a new era of "industry subsidizing agriculture".

Official figures show that agriculture contributed to 13.1 percent of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2004, and industry and tertiary trade contributed to 46.2 percent and 40.7 percent respectively.

Agricultural tax, China's most ancient tax category, started to be collected in 594 BC. From that time, agricultural tax has existed for 2,600 years in China with dominant rural economy.
If the countryside was quiet, this would have never happened. But the actions and riots of the peasants has proven quite effective. The communist party runs China and they teach revolutionary politics in school and here they are, the ruling elite, worried about peasants who are told that they are the real rulers.

Whenever workers here resist the rulers, they are chastized by the media and the government and much of academia, too. They are told over and over again, riots and insurrections are evil and good people kneel down and let the rulers kick dirt in their faces. Today, some more workers just voted to cut their own throats! Like the autoworker's unions, the airline industry people are cutting back, reducing pay, eliminating health care, they are all, across the board, in full retreat. All over America, workers are giving back hard won work privilages and even now, the GOP plots to cut access to overtime pay and other things of great importance to the labor movement, meanwhile, everyone is well behaved and quiet. No agitators are yelling, unlike the Chinese, they aren't throwing fireworks at cops or overturning cars and burning them, they aren't beating on the cops with sticks like the South Korean farmers and workers. Geeze.

Talk about a difference. We can see plainly that fighting back works. DUH. Since when has anyone wrest anything from any ruler in any other fashion? Our Founding Fathers are called that because they fought the King of England and won!

Taxs on peasants is so ancient, it is part of the art of writing, the peasant view of all this. Namely, the picture for "tax collector" is a devil with a tail and pair of horns (head is the square) grabbing a stalk of rice. So even way back, you can see, the peasants didn't view all this tax stuff as a wonderful time.

But patiently, they paid. When Ghengis Khan defeated the emperor of northern China, he wanted to kill all the peasants and turn it into grazing lands for Mongol livestock only one of the court prisoners he was using as a translator interceded and explained how taxes from these peasants would make the Great Khan filthy rich. So only (a horrible massacre) a quarter of the peasants were murdered.

The Japanese came in and tried to force Chinese peasants to raise rice for Japan so they could conscript all the males working Japanese farms into the immense imperial forces. Fighting to keep the peasants productive was as frustrating for the Japanese as stealing oil from Iraq is for us today. The Japanese tried to instill fear by massacring hundreds of thousands of Chinese but this didn't work.

Here is a photo of my farm today:

Note that the fields are fallow, though it is funny to see green grass instead of snow! For it is raining today, how bizarre is that! Anyway, I pay taxes year round! Yet my farm is fallow more than half the year. This is why profitable farmers use Federally subsidized water to farm year round in dry climates and why they are killing the smaller, northern farms off. The taxes we pay is a huge burden. I pay over $5000 a year on my small farmhold!

In France, for example, the government helps farmers out because otherwise, no one would farm since it is hard work and very variable, subject to the capricious whims of Mother Nature. The free traders are working day an night to end government aid to farmers and note the WTO rioters are nearly all farmers in the third world and should be farmers in the first world, too, for they are being dragooned into this folly just as certainly as the factory workers were snookered!

Time will tell. All I can say is, power to the people, may a thousand Chinese peasants bloom!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Bush Illegal Spying On Vegans and Quaker Grannies Continues

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

All week long the MSM has been filled to the gills with lying creeps telling us that it is OK to spy on Americans so we can be protected from bin Laden, the Bush family buddy. Well, not one of the pundits doing this mention who was spied upon nor will Bush tell us, nope. Not even if Congress asks.

From Ted Rall:
Civil libertarians relaxed when, in September 2003, Republicans bowed to public outcry and cancelled Total Information Awareness. TIA was a covert "data mining" operation run out of the Pentagon by creepy Iran-Contra figure John Poindexter. Bush Administration marketing mavens had tried to dress up the sinister "dataveillance" spook squad--first by changing TIA to Terrorism Information Awareness, then to the Information Awareness Office--to no avail. "But," wondered the Electronic Frontier Foundation watchdog group a month after Congress cut its funding, "is TIA truly dead?"

At the time I bet "no." Once a regime has revealed a predilection for spying on its own people, the histories of East Germany and Richard Nixon teach us, they never quit voluntarily. The cyclical clicks that appeared on my phone line after 9/11 corroborated my belief that federal spy agencies were using the War on Terrorism as a pretext for harassing their real enemies: liberals and others who criticized their policies. As did the phony Verizon employee tearing out of my building's basement, leaving the phone switching box open, when I demanded to see his identification. He drove away in an unmarked van.
I have been spied upon in my past and am probably being spied upon today. Since few people read me, I dwell in this little corner of the net by myself and watch the ridiculous story unfold. Far from being amazed, this is all old stuff.

The framers of the Constitution wanted to protect the privacy of the mail, visiting people, speaking freely in public, all sorts of radical, revolutionary stuff. They were so big on this, they wrote it all down and made it very important and surrounded it with all sorts of fences to keep out despots.

They didn't reckon with the Ben Franklin media collapsing and becoming co-conspiritors nor the Supreme Court saying, "the Constitution is just a goddam piece of paper" or whatever Bush said, too. Anyway, the laws Bush has been breaking are all the foundation stones of our democracy! He should be arrested and tried for treason.

The cartoon I drew is from two badges the NSA cooked up right after 9/11. Both badges don't exist anymore but I emailed them to a blogger who is now gone. One of the emblems was a hissing black cat for DARPA. It stood in front of the WTC on fire, the eyeball pyramid loomed over it all.

The Total Information guys had the same pyramid of power, glaring over the planet earth, focused on Iraq! Both were suffused with black magic emblems and signs. They were open declarations of satanic ritual abuse. They were, to be blunt, scary.

Now, the media didn't talk about all this. Newsweek mentioned it in a "haha" story. Geeze, the clowns planning to spy on us love satanic ritual evil! Whoopee, America. Merry Christmas.

Bush is a satanic ritualist who worships Geronimo's skull and plots the end of democracy, 322, the magic number of the Skull and Bones and all that nonesense. We have to arrest him. Letting vile evil magic ritualists to run amok in America is causing huge problems. He thinks he can break the law with impunity. Everyone is being told that it is OK to sneak around America, spying on law abiding citizens who happen to be against the war.

The USA even spied on the Security Council countries before our illegal war against the unarmed Iraqi people! I remember when France protested this and Bush and the American media retaliated by attacking France and launching a hostile boycott of all things French. Like a mugger running over the dog of his victim in order to shut him up. This beastly behavior was allowed to pass since the French cannot arrest Bush, they can, like me, only insult him.

Well, arrest Bush. Armies of prosecutors should be besieging the White House. Armies of reporters demanding the truth should be banging on the front and back doors of the White House.

Damn. Paul Revere, where are you now?
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Bush's Staff Lies About His Reading Books

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

They lie all the time and they particularily like to lie about trivial things. Everyone knows Bush can barely read 3x5 cards. He even admits to barely scanning headlines. Yet he has his servants issue rank lies about him reading books for fun and to learn something.

From the Waco Tribune
Read nothing into President Bush's current choice in books, the White House says.

The president is reading "When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House," but presidential spokesman Trent Duffy said Bush is not thinking about his post-Oval Office days.

"He is an avid reader and the president knows full well that he's got a lot of time left in this second term and he's going accomplish big things," Duffy said here Tuesday where Bush is relaxing between Christmas and New Year's.
They think they are so cute with the "read nothing into this..." crap.

And the stuff about him reading, "Imperial Grunt." I would suppose he thinks this is about a fat little piggy eating at the emperor's trough, a Halliburton hog fable? If this idiot wanted to find out what a grunt goes through fighting, he should have volunteered during the war in Nam like so many Democrats did. But no. He even said, he didn't want to get muddy, the little baby.

Why he issues these lies baffles me. I doubt his mother believed him when he pretended to read, holding the book upside down. By the way he talks, I doubt he read even the comix.

American youth is reading less and less. Functional illiteracy or rather, reading minimalizm is sweeping our culture just like it did in ancient Rome after the empire reached its zenith. There must be some sort of connection here for I always wondered why reading petered out in ancient Rome but then, see here! Language is debased daily as our media and many authors openly lie, openly misuse words and concepts in a frantic attempt to con people into doing things that are dangerous or bad for them.

Since businesses want customers who can't read the big print much less the fine print, our business leaders always urge us to get more education, to be more and more literate yet at the same time, they absolutely hate to deal with a literate, aware customer so they conspire along with others to keep everyone dumbed down. This is true of any dictatorship, when they desperately try to get their youth interested in education only to try to get them uninterested in thinking for themselves. This is why all rulers keep a wary eye on the schools and campuses.

Bush, like several famous emperors who were born into the office and took over very young, knows he doesn't have to master any skills to be a ruler, just issue orders and wishes and bingo! Everything goes his way. So why extend the mind? After all, he just has to summon a courtier or servant and have them explain everything and then cease when he waves his hand. This is why this incurious, stupid man could claim he read "Issac's Storm" which is all about the disasterous Galveston hurricane 100 years ago but when the identical hurricane hit in reality, claim he had no idea it would be bad, would kill thousands, would flood New Orleans.

I read the book which is why I sounded repeated alarms about Katrina before it hit. Maybe Bush should try reading my blog. Har.
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Nuclear Power Waste Problem Gets More Financing

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, America turns to nuclear energy, seeking some way of having infinite energy. Just like in personal life, endless consumption of anything ends up destroying everything in its path. Even if there were no limits possible, we would have to have them in order to preserve our own lives, for no universe is infinite.

From the NYT:
last month, Congress voted $50 million for the Energy Department to explore a new kind of reprocessing, one that would reuse a much larger fraction of the waste.

The idea is extremely ambitious. It would require perfecting not only a new method of reprocessing, but also a new class of reactors to burn the salvaged material. Still, proponents said it would have two great advantages: It would mean that Yucca Mountain would be big enough to accommodate the waste that could not be recycled. And it would make Yucca easier to open, because the material still to be buried would generate less heat in the centuries to come.

"Reprocessing, or processing spent fuel before it's put in the repository, is a very good way to buy time," said Roger W. Gale, a former Energy Department official who is now an electricity consultant. "It's a fail-safe in case we continue to have problems with Yucca Mountain."
There are several things here. One is, if we try to have maximum nuclear energy, this means building a huge number of plants over and over again since they degrade in less than 50 years and once you build one, unbuilding it becomes horrifically expensive both in the wallet and in nature. The waste doesn't degrade safely for many thousands of years.

Any open-ended system that grinds out eon-spanning waste products isn't a good system on a singular planet. Namely, we have only one earth.
The heat is not a problem in the first few decades, when a repository could be left open for ventilation. The harder time is the next 1,500 years, when heat would be given off by longer-lived radioactive materials, mostly a category called actinides, and also the isotopes that are created as those actinides go through radioactive decay.
You just know we will dump everything in one spot, over and over. And this will build up and since this is an unstable system that grows hotter, not cooler, internally, if we add more and more we will make something that resides deep inside the nearest star to us: a star core.

These things are dangerous, you know. What if it works with the earth's mantle and heats up and causes a rupture in the earth's crust, it being much heavier than mere rocks and soil? Since we know our earth isn't stable, putting this stuff nearly anywhere is asking for trouble. There are so many variables to consider, it just isn't a good option. The main one is, people, being gluttons, will want maximum power no matter what the consequences, just like today. And the NIMBY mentality will be fully operational, too. So whereever this stuff gets stuck away and always, it will be on Indian reservations, you just know it will, will have to bear the entire load generated.
The salvaged materials include uranium 235, the isotope used in bombs, which splits easily, and uranium 238, which makes up more than 99 percent of uranium in nature but is harder to split.

One use of uranium 238 in a reactor is as a "fertile" material that can absorb stray neutrons and become plutonium 239, which can be used in reactors and bombs.

But existing reactors split the uranium using "thermal" neutrons. The new ones would use "fast" neutrons, which travel thousands of times as fast.
I don't think humans are psychologically or emotionally capable of handling something this dangerous. Our track record, frankly, stinks.

The sane thing to do is pretty much what the same thing dealing with our budget problems, our red ink, our trade deficit. Raise prices on the flood of goods pouring into this country. Use the tariff to fund a fast moving solar energy individual home array system for everyone. The solar panels will be manufactured here in America so there will be lots of jobs available, making and installing these systems.

We don't want huge solar arrays far away from homes for several reasons. One: as electricity is transmitted from place to place, it loses power. For example, you can't run a narrow gage wire a long distance. There will be little feed at the terminus. The wire running up my mountain to the house is a cable as big as the ones running down the streets. We loose energy all over the place with the present grid system. Also, disruptions can spread across half a continent when there is no localized energy.

Solar arrays on roofs won't blow up and render the surrounding county unihabitable. Nor is it a useful terrorist target. Being diffuse, it means attacks on one part of the system won't cascade the entire system into crashing. So this makes sense on many levels.

Except for the tendency to be an energy glutton.

There is no satiating this desire. Most of us are only two generations away from primative energy use. Us upperclass people who have had electricity since 1900 are, in my case, a whole THREE generations away from primative energy use! That isn't very many, is it? The present set-up is temporary. Figuring out how to fix it is urgent and it doesn't involve many deals with the devil. There are sane ways of doing things!
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Apres de Hurricanes, Texas Burns: Global Warming Hits Home Base

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

In classic "Gods punish foolish humans" mode, Mother Nature is battering Texas right after our childish and disgraceful behavior at the final Kyoto Accords talks in Canada. The right wing American Southwest will get to enjoy the climate from hell they worked so hard to create. A bad choice. Even energy bubbles need water.

From Yahoo:
Rancher Dean Dillard was able to save his 72-year-old mother's home from grass fires by soaking the land around it. But many of his neighbors weren't as lucky.

Wildfires that raced through Texas and Oklahoma Tuesday devoured scores of homes, including at least 25 in rural Cross Plains. The fires, fueled by gusty winds and a drought, were blamed for at least one death and a handful of injuries.

"It looked like we had been bombed in a big war, the whole city was on fire everywhere," said Dillard.
As a cattle owner, I would like to tell the fools in Texas, it is damn hard to graze large bovines when the place is on fire, there is no rain and it is hellishly hot. What ails these dudes? Are they all fakes like Bush? Don't they have the elementary brain mass to cog out the idea that you need rain to raise cattle?

These idiots are responsible for Bush existing. They cheer as they kill the Kyoto Accords and they snarl at Earth First. Well, they are getting Earth's FIST. As the voters of Texas who voted for the present form of planetary arrangements run from catastrophe to catastrophe, one wonders when they will figure out what is going on. Here is some more data to assist them in this learning process.

Purdue, courtesy of our reader, Jcrit:
The most comprehensive climate model to date of the continental United States predicts more extreme temperatures throughout the country and more extreme precipitation along the Gulf Coast, in the Pacific Northwest and east of the Mississippi.
The drought/flood cycle which is bothersome up here will be very bothersome down there. Another hint to all those Texan ranchers and farmers: downpours are bad news. They wash away topsoil. They drown the darn cattle, especially the calves. And they spawn tornadoes. You don't want more of these. Seriously.

How can people farm and be so stupid at the same time? Just like loggers hating environmenalists. My forest which I make money off of, is dying thanks to stupid pollution problems as well as global warming. Hello, hello? Anyone home? Can't log dead forests that burned up, dudes.

From the NYT:
Seven Northeastern states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, have embarked on a regionwide plan to reduce power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Two years in the making, the plan is the first collective effort in America to adopt mandatory controls for greenhouse gases. It is further evidence of the states' willingness to address an issue that Washington has largely ignored, as well as a timely antidote for the administration's dispiriting performance at the recent global warming conference in Montreal.

The governors' message would have been stronger still had it not been for the defection of Gov. Mitt Romney, the Massachusetts Republican. He pulled the rug out from under his own negotiators with an 11th-hour complaint that the plan would impose unacceptable utility costs on consumers.
Listen, the costs to consumers if the planet goes to literal hell is going to be immense so saving pennies now isn't a good idea. Indeed, the costs will rise and rise, anyway, so why not set up a system today that operates without polluting the holy hell out of the earth? Eh? The bubbles we have created won't last long if Mother Nature decides it is time to wipe us out and we are getting tornadoes in Massachusetts as well as New York, in the mountains, no less! As well as Mass. trees are dying just as horribly as my trees.

Everyone in Texas who isn't hiring Mexicans to work in the hot sun for them is complaining about all the Mexicans coming to el Norte to work in the hot sun for them. Well, look at this map. If most of Mexico is going to have 100+ degree days over 100 days a year, how habitable will that be?

I have seen droughts in Mexico. Livestock hung up on barbed wire fences, dried out so hard even the vultures aren't interested in the carcasses. Scorpins scuttling all over the place at night. Dust devils roaring around in the afternoon, strong as small tornadoes. Yup. Lovely.

And it will be much worse. Any desert dweller knows that 90% of the rain that falls runs away lickety split. The desert rejects the water. Any loose dirt is long gone thanks to the wind. Caliche which is nature's cement, rocks and sand remain. The Sahara wasn't much of a desert 35,000 years ago, it was lush.

Our ancestors called the Great Plains "The Great Desert." Well, this just might be an appropriate name in the future. And Kansas will have a lot more things wrong than teaching about evolution when this happens. They will be the crucible of evolutionary changes, the survival of the fittest, adapting to desert conditions.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dr. Freud--Psychiatry Runs in Eternal Circles, Chasing the Psychotic Tail

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Psychotherapists gathered this week in La-La-Land, California. Like Freud in Vienna at the edge of the cliff leading into the madness of WWI and Naziism, psychotherapists of the Vienna School stand on the edge of America and wonder what is going on. No one seems able to get a grip on madness and I think this is because our species is totally insane all the way through thanks to our elaborate brains.

From the insane New York Times:

One of several prominent therapists who agreed to visit Disneyland at the invitation of this reporter, Dr. Seligman was here in mid-December for a conference on the state of psychotherapy, its current challenges and its future. And a wild ride it was.

Because it was clear at this landmark meeting that, although the participants agreed it was a time for bold action, psychotherapists were deeply divided over whether that action should be guided by the cool logic of science or a spirit of humanistic activism. The answer will determine not only what psychotherapy means, many experts said, but its place in the 21st century.

"In the 1960's and 1970's, we had these characters like Carl Rogers, Minuchin, Frankl; psychotherapy felt like a social movement, and you just wanted to be a part of it," said Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, a psychologist who heads the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, which every five years since 1980 has sponsored the conference in honor of Dr. Erickson, a pioneer in the use of hypnosis and brief therapy techniques.

"Now," Dr. Zeig continued, "well, therapists are becoming more like technicians, and we're trying to find the common denominator from the different schools and methods to see what works best, and where to go from here."
I am listening to Arnold Schoenberg, the musical counterpoint and contemporary of Dr. Freud. As one who grew up immersed in the Vienna Kultur thanks to the Deutsch/Occult side of the family, I find a great affinity with Freud's Weltanschauung.

He realized early on that drugs couldn't fix the psyche nor could hypnotism or autosuggestion or electric shocks. In desperation, living in a world of disintigrating political and economic connections as the West devoured the planet earth and soon turned to cannibalizing each other, he wished to find the magic Key to the human brain, that vast dark chamber forged when we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden in Africa and forced to forage for food savagely. The brain evolved to give us the ability to understand subtle clues and worse, to convincingly lie to others while intending to eat them for dinner.

Even Freud couldn't accept this.

Today, psychiatrists have been reduced by the dynamics of funding insurance and hospitals, into pill dispensers. They don't want to hear what is ailing the mind, they just want to give a pill that will make the symptoms less obvious and then throw you back into the cesspit.

But it is literally life and death that we humans understand our own minds. For we are killing not only ourselves, we are killing this planet. A serious mistake!

Dr. Freud, like myself, looked towards the ancients and their tales of how we came to be what we are. He, like myself, looked into the magical world of mythology and ancient practices, seeking clues to follow in the cavern of the mind. More, or maybe worse, he and I both come from a peculiar class of people: we remember the Outer Darkness, namely, what goes on when our minds take over and run things while the conscious self is asleep.

Most humans can't remember more than a tiny handful of dreams, a pitiful few dried up pedals, faded and inert, left over from the wild blossom of dreams. As a person who remembers all dreams all my life, I assure you, dreams are very vivid. They include non-visual elements that are probably much more important than the pictures: smells, stray thoughts and of course, feelings.

The emotions that ripple through a dream like a subterranean river go to the very core of the human brain, it is probably welling out of the most primative parts. This is where love and hate are forged. Where sadness resided next to escasy.

If one swims in the dark, Lethian Rivers of the Memory one might find, like a shell on the beach after a tidalwave, fragments of memories the mind wished to supress, memories that could, when dragged out into the daylight, enlighten oneself about why one does various destructive actions.

Alas, many humans are not only content to run around psychotic, wrecking not only everything around them but even the entire planet earth itself, they often glory in exactly that which is sickest in their own minds. For part of all this is the fact that our minds were created to be evil. Like in "betray friends, cannibalize strangers and kill your own family" insane. To control this prehistoric mega-madness, humans created culture and this culture usually works to inhibit or even eliminate the darker forces that want to go bezerk all the time, eating everything and everyone.

When Freud tried this, via dream analysis, he didn't fix anything broken, what he found was, the dream world is very dangerous and few can endure what they experience there, if they remember it. As a person who can, I assure you, it is not fun. One really can't share this stuff except as artwork and of course, all artists are like myself in this regard: they live more in the dreamworld than waking world.
To be, or not to be ... that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take up arms against a sea of troubles - and by opposing them end them?
To die... To sleep... no more...
And by a sleep to say we end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to..
Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!

To die... To sleep...
To sleep? Perchance to dream!
Ay there's the rub! For in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause...
In the labyrinth of the mind, we run into ourselves and no crueler critic is alive than one's own concience! Like the Angel at the Gates of Eden, this entity wields the Sword of Truth.

In Europe, I saw "Hamlet" in German. It was very interesting and cast a different light upon the play. DRITTER AKT. ERSTE SZENE:
Und lockt ihm keine Wendung des Gesprächs
Heraus, warum er die Verwirrung anlegt,
Die seiner Tage Ruh so wild zerreißt
Mit stürmischer, gefährlicher Verrücktheit?

Rosenkranz Er gibt es zu, er fühle sich verstört,
Allein wodurch, will er durchaus nicht sagen.
One of many German words for insane is "verruckt". Geistesgestört (disturbed spirit), geisteskrank (spiritually sick), irre (irregular), irrsinnig (erroneous thinking), krankhaft (very sick), sinnlos (senseless), unsinnig (insensible), verrückt (fatally crooked), wahnsinnig (abandoned thoughts). We now know that many mental diseases are part and parcel of many whole body problems and it isn't often something one can think one's way out of despite Freud's enthusiasm in the search for that Holy Grail of Mental Health.
Sein oder Nichtsein; das ist hier die Frage:
I am/I am not; that here is the question. Freud liked Hamlet for he was a man who was always trying to analyze his own mind as well as the minds and motives of others. He hallucinated and he debated not only with himself but with everyone while at the same time, to throw off his criminal Uncle's intentions, pretended to be insane which was a dilemna since the entire situation the poor Prince was in, was psychotic thanks to his Uncle's crimes.

This is like America today. We bloggers spend many happy hours tracking the psychosis of our insane ruler and his gang of criminal friends. Many Americans desperately want to believe that Bush isn't insane, he is normal and we are crazy for seeing what is going on since self delusion is a powerful tool the brain has evolved over millions of years of suffering. So blindly, they follow this obviously demented man and his friends, assured that safety lie in committing graver and graver crimes against humanity.

The inner cannibal feasts on flesh and laughs and still, devotedly, is followed by the flock hoping for safety in the dark cave of the night of the soul.

And so, Dr. Freud fled Vienna, chased out by fellow Viennese, Herr Adolf Hitler who then turned on his last, living relative, after supervising the suicide of his only niece, and this poor woman, a schizophrenic in a German asylum, was gassed to death and burned.

One of the earliest victims of Hitler's mad Holocaust.

Something to ponder as the clock nears midnight, as the New Year dawn is a glimmer in the East.
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Chinese Start Jet Fabrication Plant and Europe Launches GPS Test Satellite

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

China breaks ground for their first, Chinese designed and run jet fabrication plant. Meanwhile, Europe continues to develop their own satellite system by launching a GPS system of their own design. Many of these moves irritate American power brokers but then, they are the ones who have broken the bank here at home which is why our space program is floundering and our factories are leaving these shores.

Chinese airplane manufacturers hope to make a big splash in the global aviation industry with a new made-in-China regional jet that went into production over the weekend.

Production of the ARJ21 started simultaneously at factories in Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and Shenyang on Saturday.

By 2005, the Shanghai facility will assemble the finished planes out of parts produced in factories across the country, according to officials.

China Aviation Industry Corp I, a state-owned manufacturer of both civilian and military planes, set up a subsidiary - AVICI Commercial Aircraft Co Ltd - to make the regional jet, which it says will cost 10 percent less than regional jets produced by foreign rivals.
Many bloggers tracking China look only at the crummy things happening there. It being a huge country with a quarter of the world's population, it is easy to find quite a few things amiss. But to focus on them is stupid since that isn't the direction China is going.

They are going forwards. Look at who is going backwards. Even our nostalgia is backwards. Our movies are old stuff. King Kong and Narnia are WWII stuff repackaged with big special effects. Our cars we design are throwbacks. Everyone is facing backwards, it seems, without seeing what is what.

The last remains of our aerospace industry will be completely removed from America by 2012 if not sooner.

There isn't much left besides that, is there? This is why Bush was trumpetting the cynical Chinese jet deal, one which was totally misinterpeted by the American press when it happened, I called the shots correctly. Well, now we see the unveiling of the next step. Even if we compete with China, we will be forced to reduce prices drastically, killing the profit margin.

From the BBC:
With the Chinese economy expected to have grown by a further 9.3% across 2005, most economists now predict that China will rise still further in 2006 to fourth place in the global GDP list, easily passing both the UK and France in the process.

"For sure by 2006 China will become number four and by 2010 it will be more than Germany," says Chen Xingdong, an economist at BNP Paribas in Beijing.
It is much worse. Our economy is a hollow shell. Lots of money being spent not on building things that will increase our capitalist powers but indulgences. Sort of like building cathederals. It is a business but it is a net loss.

Building massive numbers of private homes that are ill suited for any extended habitation is a really wasteful enterprise!

Houses, like palaces, eat money and resources. The ideal is for people to live in tiny cells like monks did and work all day. Then it is pure profit. Sounds like the Chinese, like here: From Boston:
''Profit is what we want," said Liu ''Johnny" Jian Wei, 39, the company spokesman in Angola, sitting next to the bank of computers and like the others, dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt. ''We can make a profit because we have an advantage over other foreign companies -- we work holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, most evenings, and we cost a lot less."

From the BBC:
Economic adviser Andrei Illarionov said Russia was no longer politically free but run by state corporations acting in their own interests.

"I did not sign a contract with such a state," Mr Illarionov told reporters.
Far from American-style "democracy" (sic) spreading, everyone reads the oolang tea leaves and sees clearly, letting the citizens vote themselves endless red ink is a sure fire way to end up in history's garbage can, all the despotic rulers are looking to China for guidance. And despite our yeowls, China is a shining star to them, not the evil place we like to imagine.

For you see, the road to destruction is easy to spot. It is covered with red ink and red blood and our road is under 20 feet of the stuff. We lost our space program with NASA floundering due to lack of funds and our government is cutting money going to educate our youth in college. Meanwhile, the space programs elsewhere are flourishing. Russia singlehandedly now supplies and controls the International Space Station, China has sent more people into orbit than we have, and Europe is launching their own satellite systems, the lastest being the GPS system with a different design from ours and they will undercut our sales abroad by offering better service for less! Yikes!

From the BBC:

Giove-A will be lofted into orbit by a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

The demonstrator, built in the UK by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, will test key components in the Galileo network, notably its atomic clocks.

It also has the job of securing the radio frequencies allocated to the project under international agreements.

This requires Giove-A to transmit a sat-nav signal of the correct structure from orbit within the next six months. The SSTL team hopes to do it within a matter of days.

The Galileo project is costing some 3.4bn euros (£2.3bn; $4bn) in public and private finance. It is the biggest space project ever undertaken in Europe, and will eventually comprise a constellation of 30 satellites.
Note that Russia is launching this, too. We dropped the ball and the other team has dribbled away with it while our team stands inert, arguing about if it is worth even throwing a ball at the basket anymore. We decided to stand at the opposite end of the court and fling the ball with all our puny might and hope it scores.

Right. And how many times has Bush mentioned the word "Mars"? How about as often as he has mentioned his buddy, the anthrax killer.
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Kennedy Wants No Wind Mills Off Shore Where He Lives

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As Asia and Europe extends renewable energy facilities the USA fiddles while the earth burns. The bubble around the rich is huge. They want to be energy pigs while exporting the mess creating this energy to poor folk who can live in foul air, foul water and industrial noise.

From the New York Times
AS an environmentalist, I support wind power, including wind power on the high seas. I am also involved in siting wind farms in appropriate landscapes, of which there are many. But I do believe that some places should be off limits to any sort of industrial development. I wouldn't build a wind farm in Yosemite National Park. Nor would I build one on Nantucket Sound, which is exactly what the company Energy Management is trying to do with its Cape Wind project.
Of course, Kennedy wants to burn tons of energy living his fabulous, upperclass lifestyle. He wants pristine nature in all Her glory. If this means crushing the lives of others, it is just Jim Dandy.

So he turns on his lights and my trees die from acid rain and the drought/flood cycle inflicting my mountain these days. Kennedy can sail about merrily, his eyes not disgraced by the vision of anything man-made while coal burning plants belch more toxins into the air, killing not only my trees but my very own son, aggravating his asthma.

I feel rather strongly about this. Kennedy basically wants me, my trees, my son, all of us to just shut up and drop dead so he can enjoy sailing unimpeded. Great.

Throughout America, we bellow we must change only one thing we are unable to change is our desire to live in the Garden of Eden while dooming the greater mass of humanity to live in the Pits of Hell. This is why we transported our dirty industries to China. China gets pollution and we get to pretend the degradation of the planet isn't caused by us even though we are the consumers of all that pollution producing stuff from Asia.

From Xinhuanet:
Energy experts predicted that the implementation of the Law on Renewable Resources on January 1, 2006 will open up a huge market in China for renewable solar energy.

The new law is expected to boost the development of the country's solar power industry, said the experts.

The Law on Renewable Energy, which was approved by the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee in February this year, will encourages all units and persons to use solar energy-based generation systems. It is regarded as an important law for the safety of China's environment and for the development of its energy resources.
When my father first came to China after Nixon's visit there, one of the many things the Chinese wanted to learn from him was all about solar energy.

They rationally understand there is no future in oil. It is a one time bonanza which we must use wisely so we can create a planet-wide energy net that is renewable. America has historically gone the other way, pretending this world is a ball of oil and can be pumped recklessly forever and ever. The ecosystem is now in greater and greater danger and we want to live in our bubble and eat it, too.

From the Manchester Journal:
Discussion of the proposed windmills on Glebe Mountain has so far focused on aesthetic and environmental issues. I should like to add some comment on the practical and financial aspects of this project. As a scientist I always find it disturbing that the public is often called upon to make important decisions in the absence of relevant data.

Due to the unpredictable nature of wind, the market value of electricity produced by windmills is quite low, at something less than 2.5 cents per KiloWatt-Hour. Given the high cost of construction and maintenance of windmills such as those proposed one can reasonably expect the actual cost of the power generated to greatly exceed its true market value, probably costing in the vicinity of 9-10 cents per KiloWatt-Hour. Clearly wind power is not a practical endeavor and cannot be expected to yield economic benefits to the public as a whole.
Being giganticus energeticus, we T-rex around the entire energy issue. Since we want to live in a total bubble, this requires unheard of and totally impractical energy needs.

I, for example, use no airconditioning. I use little heat, building my house to be energy efficient and solar energy use is very high thanks to the simple act of designing a sane house, not some energy dependent bubble zone.

I lived in a tent on this mountain for ten years. No running water and only one solar panel for electricity. We lived just fine. Far from merely surviving, we thrived. I love my much stronger bubble, a tent is not good in terrible storms! But the energy use isn't that much higher, in the house.

We are at the Hubbert Oil Peak. This means, all systems are going full blast and all possible sources of fossil fuels are being exploited to the maximum and the discovery of new fields is shrinking rapidly, they are smaller and smaller and harder and harder to find!

So we have a very limited time frame, less than twenty years, I will be in my seventies with another thirty years to go since I intend to live to see 2050, and we will be in the iron grip of the Real Energy Crisis, the Dawn of the Really Dark Ages if we don't do the right thing now!

The windmills off the coast are a feeble attempt at dealing with all this. It is 100% useless unless it is coupled with forcible changes to the building codes and redirection of Federal funds. We don't need to build more civilian housing in the path of hurricanes such as Martha's Island or Miami or New Orleans! We should be in the middle of a very massive retrofitting of all American homes in the north to take advantage of passive and active solar energy and on all southern houses, 100% of them should be already installing solar energy panels! 100% of them should be built with small windows facing the south and west whereby the most hot sunlight falls, they should have thick walls with masonary exteriors to take up the heat during the day and expell it at night like my parent's ranch did. Only the windows faced WEST and the house overheated until we built big verandahs with sun blocks!

It infuriates me, how childish adults are concerning all this. If they want natural purity, then they can join me and live on a mountain in a tent with no running water and kerosene lamps at night! Go to bed early, get up early. In winter, scream if you go into bed without first warming it with a brick! Heh. Brrr.

Makes one strong. Powerful, like I am today!
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Congress Seeks to Cut Vet Benefits Yet Again and Shoppers Slip Out of Stores

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

More gloom and doom: Congress is worried about all the money flowing to victims of our stupid imperialist wars and so they want to make it harder for those welfare queens: sick or injured vets. And who votes for these stupid Congress critters? Also, the American consumer is fading fast thanks to inflation and flight of good jobs to distant shores. Fun.

From the Washington Post:
The spiraling cost of post-traumatic stress disorder among war veterans has triggered a politically charged debate and ignited fears that the government is trying to limit expensive benefits for emotionally scarred troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the past five years, the number of veterans receiving compensation for the disorder commonly called PTSD has grown nearly seven times as fast as the number receiving benefits for disabilities in general, according to a report this year by the inspector general of the Department of Veterans Affairs. A total of 215,871 veterans received PTSD benefit payments last year at a cost of $4.3 billion, up from $1.7 billion in 1999 -- a jump of more than 150 percent.
Maybe Babs Bush can go to Walter Reed and say, "Let them eat depleted uranium." Geeze. They cut taxes for the very rich how long ago? Last month?

This really steams me since they pretended four years ago that we could cut taxes and go to war, an insane proposition. Now we have to tightnen our belts but only if we are patriotic unlike the owners of those off-shore corportions and of course, Halliburton.

From the New York Times;
Many retailers hoping for a big finish to the holiday season instead had lighter-than-expected crowds over the long Christmas weekend, according to anecdotal reports, leaving stores to rely heavily on the next few days to pump up December sales.

Explanations for the lackluster finish varied: an unusually warm winter hurt cold-weather clothing sales, greater gift card use delayed purchases and higher energy costs discouraged splurges.
When oh when will businesspeople finally learn, if you spew or demand propaganda instead of intelligent analysis of reality, reality will bit like a Great White Shark. The stockmarket shot up on fake news. This cynical ploy set in motion by the big trading houses on Wall Street and Bloomberg, the mayor/owner of economic newspapers, will now leave the average investor,namely Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class Chump, out on the limb yet again. Think Bloomberg believes the garbage he sponsors?


From the Times Union, Albany:
Rising natural gas prices are not hurting just consumers and businesses, but also the power plant companies that make electricity by burning natural gas.
Natural gas futures are trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange at roughly $12 per 1,000 cubic feet, nearly double what the price was a year ago.

That is costing electric power plants in New York, many of which use natural gas as fuel, said Gavin Donohue, chief executive of the Independent Power Producers of New York Inc.

"It certainly is a big dramatic impact, as it is for all businesses and consumers alike," Donohue said. "There obviously is no end in sight. It's a big impact, and it obviously impacts everybody's bills."
For ever-loving Marie Antoinette, in the name of all the devils in the Yale Crypt of the Skull and Bones, it was ridiculously obvious to me since last summer that this was going to happen. Dozens of cartoons expressed this obvious truth: we are in serious trouble on every possible level thanks to rising energy costs coupled with inflation and rising interest rates!

This isn't rocket science, this is simply, I don't seen to have Economic Pundit Alzheimer's disease which seems to be required of every paid economic pundit in America. Friedman gets his stupid books and columns sold over every counter in America and they are worthless except to burn in the fireplace when the money runs out for paying the fuel bills.

Note that I run this service for free and have few readers. This doesn't matter to me for this is just another chapter in the future saga, a big fat book called, "The Fall of the American Empire/ World War III". And I won't make any money on that one, either.

Probably will have to write it on clay tablets, or maybe paint it on cave walls. Gads.
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Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Hannuka and Remembering the Quarter Million Dead This Anniversary

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This week, the Hannuka candles are lit in many homes including that of my own family. And this is the anniversary of the Boxing Day Quake. A quarter million people were swept away suddenly. Today, we pray for them and for all those people who have died this year, there are so many, so very many, let us remember them if only for a little bit. The Gates of Death will be all our destination, too, eventually.

From the BBC:
"I think you need to come back," Swedish survivor Pigge Werkelin, who lost his two young sons and his wife in the disaster, told Reuters news agency.

"You need to go to the beach, you have to see children on the beach, you have to see everything... I must do it and then afterward I can put it behind me."
The pain of loss is on many levels. Such as this person, when you lose the one you choose to love, it causes a hole in the heart which remains there no matter how hidden. I know, my grandfather's first love, she died before they could consumate the marriage. He married my grandmother and never talked about the previous love until his last days when Elizabeth was much on his mind. He thought I was her, often times, and talked to me as if nothing had ever happened.

The loss of children is a whole different dimension. There is considerable rage attached to losing one's child. I can only imagine what it feels like, I have children. When my son was born, I nearly died. What did I say to the doctors? "Don't let anything happen to my baby, don't worry about me."

Parents throw themselves into incredible danger to save their children. This fall, when our area was hit by sudden floods, two children were swept away by the raging waters and the stepfather threw himself in to save them and they all drowned.

This is love on a heroic scale. And everyone is a hero, whether we care for a loved elderly person or a child, the patient work or the sudden rush to danger, this need to save the ones we love, nay, the desire to save even total strangers, this is what makes humanity worth loving and is why we must ask all our gods of whoever they think they are, to show us some mercy.

And for us to love the mother of all mothers, the number one in our extended family: Mother Earth. For She is of uttermost importance. If we take care of Her and show Her respect and love, She will try Her best to be gentle with us, in return.
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The Alternate Minimum Tax Is DC's ATM Machine

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Otherwise eager, the tax cutters in Congress can't muster the moxie to cut taxes to the middle class. The contempt they have for the average voter never ceases to amaze me. The ones benefitting from tax cuts are only 2% of the population! Amazing.

From Yahoo:
The alternative minimum tax is becoming even stickier — and could entangle even more taxpayers next year.

Congress is expected to recess for the holidays without an agreement on how to limit the effect of the AMT for 2006. While the AMT is expected to affect about 4 million taxpayers for 2005, that number will swell to about 21.6 million for 2006 unless Congress acts to lessen the impact.

Congress has said it will do so next year, making it retroactive to Jan. 1, but it's still unclear exactly how that will play out, since other initiatives, like extending cuts on capital gains and dividends, loom in the background.
They never ever index anything the poor or middle class uses. Never. When forced to index Social Security of be hounded out of office, they did so but after a few years, rigged the statistics by leaving out all those things the elderly must pay for due to being on a fixed income and not likely to be buying the stuff young people buy, now Social Security falls further and further behind, this year being a huge insult to all retired people since the hike was less than the health care deductions so everyone had a net LOSS. Congress scrambled to make it the same as last year but no hike to make up for the huge inflation in essentials.

So it is with the taxes: the GOP cheerfully and without much debate, in the teeth of a flood of red ink, drowning in red ink, cuts taxes to the rich, the corporate, the oil barons and Wall Street. But facing the rising wrath of the middle class which has seen the tax cuts of 2001 burn in the bonfire of government created inflation as the Fed pumps money and hides the results by refusing to publish any more M3 stats....Well!

Welcome to hell, dear Middle Class America! You all thought the fires and pitchforks would be reserved for Welfare Queens. Well, your welfare irks the GOP and they will crown you all with a crown of thorns. As they rip apart your wealth, simultaneously decreasing the value of your house and cars while reducing the value of the dollar, we will all kiss our pretend prosperity goodbye.

As a very long range bad news forecaster, well known at economic sites as the Cassandra of the Titanic, I assure everyone, in this matter, I will have the last bitter laugh as everything I have put on the web for years comes true, one item after another. Lord help us this doesn't end up in the Apocalypse as desperate middle class Americans run from one side of the ship to the other screaming at the lifeboats leaving, rowed by our politicians, desperately rowing away with the rich, to far shores, anywhere, as bombs rain down on our heads and the cities burn with riots and insurrections.


I have seen this happen to other lands. We have seen world wars and we know they can and do happen and that economic mayhem causes them as great empires teeter and fall in flames.

The fact that Congress can't just gaily go off cutting taxes they need while cutting taxes their owners don't want to pay, we end up bankrupt. Congress will pass this tax cut and "save" the middle bankrupting America. Will the last taxpayer, probably a waitress somewhere, please turn out the lights as you leave, OK? We won't be able to afford the electric bill.

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